Reservations of Books

Books has been borrowed by any patron/member can be reserved by another one. An e-mail notification will be sent to the person who has reserved the item. Reserved items will be held at circulation desk for 3 days, after which they will be shelved or may be issued to anyone else. Faculty may be given priority in this regard. Books can only be reissued once, provided that the same is not reserved by other learner.

Searching Assistance

If the required item is not found on the shelf, searching assistance can be requested by filling in search assistance form at the circulation desk or simply contacting the Help/Circulation Desks.


Almost free Trainings/Workshops/Seminars/Conferences on research strategies, subject-specific resources, and specialized software hands on trainings are conducted by LRC. The information is communicated through e-mails, banners, handouts etc. The process of registration is being published well advance before the program. Students and faculty is encouraged to participate in the programs of Research Support Services (RSS).

Multimedia Section

The multimedia media section is responsive to the new technologies in educational media and is equipped with CD/DVD/audiocassette/videocassette players. It’s connected to the digital cable TV network as well.

Disability Resource Center (DRC)

LRC is committed to ensuring that the services and programs offered by UMT are accessible to all patrons without discrimination of cost and creed. We believe in equal opportunity services center and especially manage to provide services to special persons, even if they are not university students free of charges. Special people can get library membership free of charge and they are welcomed from distant communities too. The University will work with patrons on an individual basis to assess their unique accommodation needs. For more information, please visit the DRC.

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