About LRC


UMT supports its academic programs and research initiatives through a state-of-the-art Library & Learning Resource Center (L&LRC). The UMT Library is an indispensable source of information and is one of the excellent libraries of Pakistan. The UMT Library actively supports learning and is committed to the dissemination of knowledge and improvement in the human intellectual development of its learners.

The intrinsic focus of the L&LRC is to make available the persistent intellectual linkage required to build specific resources and to pave the way towards attainment of rare to-be-found scripts, contents and substances for Researchers and Students.

It has gained significant grandness in knowledge-seeker and information-seeking world by reaching new audiences. The number of corporate clients and alumni who continue to use our services on a regular basis speak of the quality of the services and resources. The development and elaboration of services designed around broad-spectrum of content and concepts are done on continuous basis. This is how the UMT Library is a treasure-house of human knowledge.

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